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Subscriptions are open


There can be some issue with Voice and music. Apologies for inconvenience since we are not that good with audio/video editing.


We started darkhorsestocks with a simple aim that is to bring amazing fundamentally strong companies to users attention. 

Performance for darkhorsestocks

So far in total we have suggested 187 stocks since we started darkhorsestocks. Of those 

  • 15% / 31 ideas currently are trading at less than the price suggested. (Some of those include recent suggestions as well)
  • 31% / 59 ideas have delivered more than 100% returns since we suggested. (This is including dividends, Special dividends, Bonus, Splits, book profit recommendations and many other aspects)

Few stocks after June are pending to be updated on the dashboard. Due to technical problems they will be updated as soon as possible. We were facing a hard time find developer do the same now that we have found one it should be updated soon.

Of total 187 ideas almost more than 70% are currently trading positive above suggested price and as and when market improves this number is going to increase since most of them are fundamentally strong companies.

Performance for Penny stocks

So far in total we have suggested 47 penny stock ideas since we started darkhorsestocks. Of those 

  • 23% / 12ideas currently are trading at less than the price suggested. (Some of those include recent suggestions as well)
  • 32% – 15 ideas have delivered more than 100% returns since we suggested. 
  • 11% / 5 ideas have delivered more than 200% returns with 4 of them delivering a whooping more than 1000% returns.

Other Advisories

If you are not satisfied with our work you are free to choose any advisory out there. In fact in order to ease you work we have listed all the advisories with relevant charges. Feel free to let us know if we have missed out any name or there are some modifications we need to do or if you have Any suggestions.

Lowest Subscription charges 

In order to make darkhorsestocks accessible to all the users we have kept the subscription charges as low as possible and below mentioned is the breakup of what we will receive from each of your subscription amount.

Plan 1 -: 11800/year

  • 30-45 ideas per year including (5-8) penny stock ideas per year.
  • Infographics.
  • Access to live dashboard to track all the darkhorsestock ideas as well.

No of ideas can be more or less than 30 as well depending upon the market conditions.

Plan 2-: 17500/year

  • Plan 1 + Fundalysis including advance queries.

For monthly and Quarterly payment options drop us a message on whatsapp.

Also please note in case you cancel your subscription in between, one time payment charges made at the beginning would not be refundable.


Dashboard Introductory Video

Fundalysis Introductory Video

Subscriptions – Open for 1 month only.

Earning money is not our core focus and that is why we follow this subscription model where we open for subscriptions only twice a year. So that with all the time saved in subscriptions backend work we can focus more on providing quality research.

Once again if you dont subscribe it is not an issue but you will never feel the value of the ideas we suggest. Iphone is one of the costliest mobile out there yet people buy, that is because they feel its value. What if iPhones were completely free? Would you still feel the same brand value? It is something very few can afford. And we believe the same for darkhorsestocks. However we have kept prices low so that even a small common man can afford the same.

We often take it for granted something which is available for free.

Our Plans for the coming year

With all the funds that we receive via subscriptions we plan to do following things

  • Purchase more third party api’s and develop fundalysis platform.
  • Add more advance queries on fundalysis platfrom.
  • Start Generating monthly reports to share it with users in excel format.
  • Work on upgrading UI/UX
  • Work on new darkhorsestocks website, redesigned it completely from scratch with one of the best UI/UX designs you would have ever seen including so many micro animations.
  • Work on fixing some issues on dashboard.
  • Develop and design a new dashboard for penny stocks as well.
  • Start short 1 min, 5mi videos for instagram and long videos explaining about companies for youtube. We do have Instagram page but since it is very difficult to manage it we are not active there.

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