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A completely debt free, only listed and organised company in this sector as well as worlds largest manufacturer

Raghav Productivity Enhancers formerly know as Raghav Ramming Mass ltd is just a 14 years old completely debt free company engaged in manufacturing, supply and export of good quality mineral which are widely used in as refractory material in induction furnace. It is the only listed and organised ramming mass manufacturing company in India.

Raghav Productivity Enhancers


Incorporated in 2009, as ‘Raghav Ramming Mass Private Limited’ in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the Company was converted into a Public Limited Company and the name of the Company was changed to ‘Raghav Ramming Mass Limited’.

It is an ISO 9001:2008 business related to production, sale and export of high quality ramming mass mineral based on the client specifications which are extensively used in as refractory material in induction furnace. The business built its first manufacturing unit in Kaladera, Rajasthan, with the primary goal of producing Quartz Powder (Ramming mass) with a capacity of nearly 15000 Tonnes per year. The facility covers an area of nearly 1863 square metres. The plant that company has in Newai is sprawling across 32000 Sq. Mt.

The company’s manufacturing sites are located in Rajasthan’s wealthy high quality quartz mining area, namely Kaladera and Newa Rajasthan, which helps it to dominate the markets by providing premium grade Non Ferrous Metal Alloys, Dry Neutral Ramming Mass, Dolomite, and much more. The business produces 1,44,000 tonnes per year with the help of big manufacturing facilities.

RPE (Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd) has around 100 large capacity steel factories in India and other nations such as the Middle East, Africa, and South-East Asia.

It is the sole provider of ramming material in India. Company sells its goods all over India and the globe, and its clients include many well-known steel manufacturers and foundries.

As of March 2022 company has 180,000 MTPA production capacity producing 143,733 units having 109 employees and exporting to 27+ countries all over the globe.

Going forward company plans to add 108,000 MTPA in FY 23 thereby taking total production capacity to 288,000 MTPA.

Business Products

Ramming Mass

Ramming mass is typically segmented based on the basic substance used, which can range from silica and alumina to magnesia. The ramming mass interior is classified as acidic, basic, or neutral based on this division. Silica masses are acidic in nature and are used in induction furnaces; alumina masses are neutral in nature and are used in high temperature induction furnaces; and magnetite masses are basic in nature and are used in electric arc furnaces. Raghav Productivity is primarily involved in silica ramming mass production due to its superior features such as chemical inertness, greater structural strength, high erosion resistance, and highly economical, among others.

Ramming mass is primarily used in induction furnaces for refractory coating. Refractories are clay materials that are intended to endure extremely high temps (above 1,200°C) while staying in touch with molten slag, metal, and gases. This functions as a thermal barrier between the hot substance and the container’s exterior. In the steel industry, refractories are used the most downstream. The typical usage of silica ramming mass per tonne of steel manufacturing is considered to be 28-30 Kg. The steel industry is seasonal, but the ramming mass company is not because it is a low-cost commodity. Ramming mass, on the other hand, is critical in the steel production process. ****Ramming mass is a refractory substance used in induction furnaces used in steel production and a variety of other sectors. It is meticulously prepared with contemporary methods and high-quality materials. It is corrosion proof and has a high degree of thermal stability, so it produces more and lasts longer. Its tested quality gave the finest outcomes, with guaranteed purity and efficacy.

Refractories Products Refractory products are primarily used in furnace, oven, burner, and reactor linings. They are also used to make crucibles and moulds for glass and metal forging, as well as to surface flare deflector devices for rocket launch structures. These are high-quality goods that deliver excellent outcomes and are in high demand due to their corrosion resilience and high output. It has a higher thermal resilience and an extended life span.

For Information

Acidic Ramming Mass

Acidic Ramming Mass, also known as Silica Ramming Mass or Mix, is used to dissolve waste in Coreless Induction Furnaces. High efficiency Silica Ramming Mixes (also known as Acidic Ramming Mass in general) intended to reduce erosion during induction melting.

Silica ramming mass can be used securely up to a working temperature of 1700°C because it expands very little, making it preferable to both alumina and magnesia in terms of thermal shock resistance. TMM India prioritises silica ramming mass quality by offering optimal particle size distribution based on furnace capacity and make, resulting in high density, trouble-free, and constant linings.

Silica Ramming Mass is used for the following purposes:

  • It is used to line the iron, which aids in the melting of coreless induction furnaces.
  • It is used to line the trough of single-trough blast furnaces.
  • Ramming padding is used to speed up drying.
  • It is employed in steel, pharmaceutical, and copper industries.
  • It is used to avoid anti coating in the interior of induction furnaces.
  • It is immune to magnetite and fundamental ramming mass rust and erosion.

Silica ramming mass

Silica ramming masses are mainly used for furnace refractory lining, but they are also used in industrial heat refractory kilns and ovens.

Because nearly 70% of ramming mass is used for induction furnace lining in crude steel manufacturing facilities, the demand for silica ramming mass is mainly related to steel output capability. Several causes, including fast urbanization, housing and infrastructure development, and so on, fuel crude steel demand growth, resulting in silica ramming mass demand growth.businesses like:


Some of the customers who have always been a part of company to avail premium quality Packed Ramming Mass, Silica Ramming Mixes and much more:-

  • R.L. Steel
  • Mahalakshmi TMT Pvt. Ltd.
  • Varsana SPA Pvt. Ltd.

Competitive Edge

To meet the numerous alloy needs of treasured clients, the company only purchases high-quality raw materials. It has a specialised Research and Analysis wing to assist in maintaining product standards in accordance with worldwide norms and specs. The infrastructure is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, and the workforce is knowledgeable and competent in their respective areas.

Because of such workmanship precision, the business can present itself as a company that offers its clients goods with 25 to 50% more lining life in induction furnaces. And it also helps to save a lot of money, which is then invested on more output. Because of the high standard of its work, the business has received certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


The company is increasing its ramming mass output capability by 108,000 TPA by establishing a wholly owned subsidiary adjacent to its current factory in Tonk Dist., Rajasthan. This expansion will boost overall output capacity and market share both in India and internationally. This will also allow the company to create a broader range of value-added ramming mass goods for the market.


For the year ended march 22

  • Revenues from operations reported a 54.9% growth from 64.5 crore in 2020-21 to 100 crore in 2021-22.
  • The net worth of the Company increased by 66.7% from 65.08 crore as on 31st March 2021 to 108.51 crore as on 31st March 2022.
  • EBITA Stood at 25 crs as of March 22 against EBITDA of 15 crs as of March 21 thereby registering a growth of 66% over previous year.
  • Net profit Stood at 19 crs as of March 22 against that of 9 crs as of March 21 thereby registering a growth of 111% over previous year.
  • Compounded Profit Growth over 3 and 5 years stands at 31% and 48% respectively.
  • Compounded Sales Growth over 3 and 5 years stands at 21% and 19% respectively.

For Q3FY22

  • Net Sales stood at Rs 33.77 crore in December 2022 up 44.93% from Rs. 23.30 crore in December 2021.
  • Quarterly Net Profit stood at Rs. 6.60 crore in December 2022 up 80.72% from Rs. 3.65 crore in December 2021.
  • EBITDA stood at Rs. 9.44 crore in December 2022 up 54.25% from Rs. 6.12 crore in December 2021.

Foraying into foundry and other segments

The company is receptive to opportunities that will enable it to grow into markets other than steel. It intends to enter the foundry and quartz manufacturing industries. It is also creating high-value-added refractory items such as tundish board, castables, and so on, based on its experience in furnace operations.

Sectorial Outlook

India is presently the world’s second biggest crude steel producer, producing 113 MTPA crude steel in 2021-22, a 9.7% increase over last year. India’s crude steel output capability increased from 97.95 MTPA in 2016-17 to 113 MTPA in 2021-22. The local supply of raw materials such as iron ore and cost-effective manpower has fueled growth in the Indian steel industry.

For fiscal years 2021-22, total local silica ramming mass consumption was estimated to be around 2034 KT. Silica ramming mass is used in the steel and other industrial sectors as a furnace refractory lining substance.

  • Cement and Lime
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Chemicals
  • Non-Ferrous Metals

The silica ramming mass industry is highly unorganised, and is spread across central and north India, with large production plants located in these geographies with an average plant capacity of 10KTPA and 15 KTPA respectively. Total domestic silica ramming mass demand was pegged at 1,808 kilo tonne (KT) in 2019-20, growing at a CAGR of 4% between 2014-15 and 2019-20.

Further, the exports of silica ramming mass from India has been growing at a CAGR of 26-28% between 2014-15 and 2019-20. A majority of these exports go to the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and South.

The World Steel Association stated that the global crude steel production in 2021 stood at 1,950.4 million tonnes (MT) in 2021, growing at 3.7% y-o-y.

Indian induction furnace industry overview

Ramming mass is made by combining powder and grains derived from quartz stone (quartzite) pulverising and boron oxide. Because of its high temperature stability, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, this combination is perfect for use in coreless induction furnaces and for melting waste. The induction surface is lined with ramming material. According to the Ministry of Steel, induction furnaces generate 33% of India’s steel.

The induction furnace industry in India is projected to grow by US$ 74.81 million at a CAGR of 6.63% between 2021 and 2025. This industry is anticipated to be pushed by lower electricity usage in the face of increasing energy costs, as well as steel manufacturers’ constant emphasis on capacity development.


Raghav Productivity Enhancers is a 14-year-old, debt-free company that manufactures, supplies, and exports high-quality minerals used as refractory material in induction furnaces. It is India’s only listed and structured ramming mass production business, as well as the world’s biggest silica ramming mass manufacturer. The company has had a stellar achievement in terms of revenue or net profit over the last several years. Furthermore, the steel sector will be one of the best performing sectors during the coming period due to rising domestic demand. However, there are both good and bad aspects, like two sides of the same coin. However, there are both good and bad aspects, like two sides of the same coin. Ace investors have acquired a significant stake in the business. The good aspect is that it can boost the business and instill trust; however, if any of those attempts to reduce their position, the stock price will fall considerably due to very low liquidity. As a result, users are advised not to become greedy when pursuing action against the company.

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