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Paid Subscriptions

Few Points to keep in Mind

  • Darkhorsestocks is not Sebi registered.
  • The information, ideas, reports, and articles presented by Darkhorsestocks are intended solely for educational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. Users are strongly advised to conduct their own research and consult with a qualified investment advisor before making any investment decisions.
  • Past performance should not be considered indicative of future results, as market conditions can vary. While we have had a good track record, there is no guarantee that our performance will continue to be positive. It is important to acknowledge that some ideas may not yield expected results, despite our best efforts.
  • In comparison to other paid advisories, whose average performance ranges between 50-65%, we strive to provide competitive performance at the lowest prices. However, users are encouraged to evaluate and compare our performance and prices with other advisories in the market.
  • Please note that Darkhorsestocks, its affiliates, or any individuals associated with it shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred by users. The decision to invest or act upon the information provided rests solely with the individual users, and they assume full responsibility for their investment decisions and outcomes.

In case you think we have forgot to add some advisories, feel free to drop us a message on support@darkhorsestocks.in will update it immediately.

Plans for the coming year

This is what we plan to do with the money we receive via subscriptions.

  • Develop new mobile application for ease of use.
  • Setup official whatsapp business account.
  • Continue working on fundalysis, (Implement chatgpt on the fundalysis database)
  • Add penny stocks to the dashboard to make their tracking easier.
  • Conduct live webinar about the company articles we write about and explain it on video as well. (Not sure if we can do it, but it is on our mind)
  • Most important -: Present companies listed in USA, mostly below 10$ price. (We have been working on this for quite a while now but not sure when we will start.)
  • Continue working on model portfolio’s to start PMS in feature.


For now you can contact us on whatsapp, but incase you dont hear from us in 24 hours, it would be because our whatsapp would not have been working. In that case you can connect us on the below source

Email – support@darkhorsestocks.in

Telegram – +91-7874999975

Signal– +917874999975

One thought on “Paid Subscriptions

  1. Gald to become a DH member.
    Few points from My side.
    – In order to understand DH performance, it should be compare with 3 Indices (Nifty 50, Nifty Midcap 50 and Nifty small cap 50) Graph (weekly SIP) vs DH graph helps a lot. (assuming 1 lac Investment per week) That Graphical view would be better then any other advisorys fees structure.

    -Sometime, Update required on weak stock.

    – Need views on DH vs Crypto

    – I think an Opposite of Penny stock is Blue Chip Stocks, During Calander year, Need any 15 S&P BSE stocks update would add more value. In fact, I had provided a feedback to few AMC on S&P BSE 15 Focused Fund.

    – weekly or fortnightly Market views . if possible

    – Any planning for DH team to work to become SEBI Registrared advisory?

    – Need YouTube audio / Video on market event (Budget, New Year, Change in Government Policy,) and its understanding in a layman language (will like and share it) (example, Basant Maheshwari YouTube Video.) It just give us a feeling that we are connected with DH team.

    – Happy to share more feedback once Mobile app will launch


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