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Darkhorsestocks Performance

We have prepared list of all the advisories out there along with the detailed comparison their charges as well as the services provided by them. The charges may be vary depending upon the plans and services provided by the advisories.

*No of stocks and price per stock or total price may vary upto some extent. Please check the respective websites of all the advisories.

Unlinke other advisories we are not sebi registered.

But despite charging around 5000 Rs per stock none of these advisories provide creative Infographics or live market dashboard like darkhorsestocks as it increases the effort , cost and ultimately reflecting the true performance.

Our operating costs are extremely high and we cannot continue like this forever.

Do support darkhorsestocks.

10 thoughts on “LIST OF ALL ADVISORIES

    1. Sir. I am already a member and enjoying the unparalleled benefits. I want to renew the subscription.

    2. At Darkhorsestocks, we take pride in being an independent blogging platform that provides unique insights and analysis to our subscribers. Unlike traditional advisory services, we refrain from offering estimates or target prices for stocks. This approach allows us to maintain our independence and focus on providing unbiased information and research-driven recommendations. As we do not engage in providing specific price predictions or targets, we believe that obtaining SEBI registration, which is primarily designed for entities offering such services, is not necessary for our platform. Our primary goal is to empower our subscribers with knowledge and uncover hidden gems. Also our analysts are associated with some other companies, so getting a certificate for them would also create conflict of interest with their respective jobs as well as.

  1. In a year your analysis was for atleast 40-45 scrip, it requires a position of each at time of recommendation rather suggestions VS current status if any person go for each scrip what percentage he will be

  2. That is something you will have to check personally. Because first of all not all companies are for everyone.

    Let’s say for example you have a portfolio but you want exposure to automobile company. So whenever we suggest automobile company you read the report and then do your research about the automobile company.

    When we suggest textile company since you don’t need it you skip the article.

    So it is difficult to calculate that.

  3. I will definitely subscribe your service when you reduce the num of stocks suggestions to 20-30. It will save my time and conviction.

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